Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SCOM 2007 R2 Counters View

As you can see, the Avanade Managementpack (mp) has a ton more performance counters included in it than you had in the Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008 mp. In fact, you’re seeing all of the performance counters for each area.
Of course, nine chances out of ten, you don’t need or want them all, so, the idea here is to show you how to do some filtering.
Remember, we’re dealing here with an unsealed mp.  Meaning, we can make modifications to it and, once happy with the output, seal the mp.
Okay, I selected the performance counters for the Logical Disk:
Because his view includes the totals – the _Total instance of the counters is a collective summary – you may want to eliminate it and only deal with those counters. Click on authoring:
If it is not already expanded, double click on ManagementPack Objects and then click on rules.  You should see the above pane.  See where it says Change Scope on the top right corner of the center window?  Click on that.
After you’ve opened that window,  click on clear all.  After that, select all targets.  Then, type in Avanade.
Select the Avanade.Server.2008.LogicalDisk Class and then click next. You should now see 23 counters.
Select  the very top one:  Avanade Server 2008 LogicalDisk PercentFreeSpace Rule Collection and double click it.
You should now see this:
Select the configuration tab. At this point, you’ll see some edit buttons. Click on the very top one.
You should see:
The rule is set to fire off every 5 minutes or 300 seconds. Notice that the Object is LogicalDisk, the Counter Name is % Free Space and the Instance is not set.  Indeed, the rule is set for collecting all instances.
So, if you want to change this to record only specific named instances, uncheck the Include all instances of selected counter and then click the arrow button to the right of the instance textbox.
You should see a menu of all the properties – or fields :
Since the DeviceID is responsible for the drive letters, I would select that. Once you’ve done this,  click Okay and then Apply and then Okay.
You will not be able to delete entirely the information as it persists in the database.   But you will have made the changes to the counters you want to keep.

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